Our Expertise

As a full-service meeting & event management company, Mantraa Media & Events can conceptualize and implement meetings and events of all sizes and calibers. As experts in our industry, we maintain national strategic relationships and an extensive knowledge base that allow us the resources to execute meetings and events at any level. Our understanding of customer service and commitment gives us a significant advantage above the rest. We are very flexible with the services that we offer and can offer our complete list of services in coordinating your meeting or event, or we can offer our services on an individual basis, depending on your needs. The spectrum of services that we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Event Services

    T here’s no doubt about it: meetings and conventions are the number one way to connect with customers, prospects, employees and partners. Study after study show that nothing replaces face to face interaction for building and strengthening relationships. Although we all rely heavily on the web and social media for information and communication, meetings and conventions take participants away from their everyday concerns and distractions so that their sole focus is interacting with colleagues.

    At Mantraa Media & Events, our sole focus is to take your meetings to the next level of professionalism and effectiveness. Not only do we help you set your meetings goals and objectives, but we help you with marketing, promotion, sponsorships, exhibitor packages, registrations, speakers, housing and everything that must come together to make your meeting a success. Each Mantraa Media & Events client is unique, and our solutions for you will be unique as well. No meeting is too big or too small for our professional meeting planners: from roundtables, seminars, or luncheon speaker programs to major conventions, product launches or national sales meetings: we can take care of all the details so that you can participate in your own meeting, side by side with your managers and attendees, without the worries the logistical responsibilities can entail.

    Whatever your budget, we will respect it and work within your budget parameters to create a meeting that is educational, entertaining and above all memorable. From the first invitation and the early registration process to the closing ceremony, your meeting is in good hands with Mantraa Media & Events.


    Bring your executive team together for a Quarterly Meeting, or gather your sales team for a motivational meeting. Either way, our meeting planners will make sure that you have the right tools and setting for to maximize your results. We will oversee the layout, food and/or refreshments, necessary supplies, lighting and audio/visual.


    You chose the topic and we’ll take care of the rest! From keynote speakers to panelists to breakout sessions, we will plan your entire seminar from start to finish! We will assist in the site selection, venue negotiations, food and beverage, equipment rental and any other aspect of your seminar that you wish to include.


    Whether it is a business luncheon, a club/organization luncheon or a birthday luncheon, we will organize it all! Our meeting planners will oversee the catering, help you plan the schedule, register guests, book entertainment, organize activities and ensure that your guests are happy and enjoy themselves.

    Budget Creation ⁄ Management

    Our meeting planners understand the vitality of maintaining the budget when it comes to our clients. We will negotiate vendor contracts, hotel contracts and also help you to develop the right price point for registration and other accounts receivable to ensure that your convention meets budget standards. With our industry experience and vendor contacts, our meeting planners will make sure that you get the most for your money.


    We understand that the primary focus of your event will be to benefit your business and employees, and that it's also important to keep your attendees engaged and to provide a certain level of entertainment. Our meeting planners will focus on assuring that your attendees receive just the right amount of fun, but still keeping them focused on the main content of your convention.


    W hether it is planning an internal meeting to motivate sales staff and build morale or hosting a trade show to promote your business and generate clientele, Mantraa Media & Events will assist you in creating a marketing plan that will meet your business and marketing needs. In the spectrum of products and services that we offer, we can not only create a productive and beneficial experience for you and your attendees, but also show you how to generate that experience into a lasting impression that will set you apart from the competition. Because of the level of return on investment yielded by event marketing, it's the perfect addition to your marketing plan. Our meeting and event planners will tailor the event to generate your desired results and also offer added products and services that will leave a positive impact on your attendees. Events are a vital tool in building relationships, converting prospects, retaining customers and shortening the overall sales process. Mantraa Media & Events will help you create a program to do just that.

    Marketing Plan

    Because of the face-to-face interaction yielded by event marketing, it has become a vital component to corporate marketing plans. Mantraa Media & Events will work with you to develop a customized marketing plan focused on your target market and structured to convey your brand's image in the perfect light. This is an element of your marketing plan that cannot be overlooked.

    Product Launch

    The debut of your product, service or brand into the market will have a lasting effect on your future business. From the decorations to the entertainment to the food and beverage, every detail should reflect success. Mantraa Media & Events will do it all so you can focus on your business and guests.

    Open House

    One of the most important events that your business will host will be the Open House. This is the first impression that you will be making on your market and leaving a lasting impression is crucial to the early success of your business. In addition to the event itself, promoting the event and generating the right attendees are also paramount. Our meeting planners will take the responsibility of this event out of your hands and allow you to focus on building relationships with your guests.


    L et our meeting planners arrange a unique and memorable incentive travel program that will stimulate performance and honor your top achievers. We will assist you in showing employee appreciation, creating exciting itineraries that will motivate your staff and developing programs that will incentivize your team to perform at the top of their game. Destination meetings allow for the participants to take themselves out of the corporate structure and think freely. Many of the best ideas, programs and strategies are developed at off-site meetings where executives and employees can get creative and also enjoy local activities and attractions.

    Destination Meeting Services

    Our meeting planners will advise you on premier destinations, visit the site, design recreational activities, and of course make all travel arrangements. Name the destination, and we're there!

    Site Selection and Reservation

    To ensure that the location meets your standards on all levels, we will inspect the site and all of its components including, rooms, amenities, service, food, surrounding area, activities, attractions and anything else that you feel is important to your event and your guests.

    Hotel Accommodations

    As experts in the event and travel industry, we know the right questions to ask and the right people to talk to and make sure that you get the best rate on your hotel.

    Destination Meetings

    Especially when choosing a destination that you are not familiar with, planning a meeting or event at an off-site location can be complicated. Our event management experts are seasoned in planning destination meetings and will ensure that your event or meeting contains all of the right ingredients for success! We will take care of all of the details so you can sit back and enjoy the ride!

    Activities/Tour Coordination

    As many hotels and resorts offer recreation activities and tours, it will be something that you may want to include for your guests. We will make sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy and that your guests take advantage of their surroundings.

    All-inclusive Packages: As leaders in the industry, we have the resources and know-how to create entire packages for your next travel event. We will work with our preferred vendors and hotels to obtain the best pricing on travel, lodging, food and activities.


    N etworking is about developing and cultivating long term relationships in order to gain mutual benefit - both professionally and personally. It's the perfect platform for large companies to allow employees to meet and interact with fellow workers with whom they may not have had the opportunity otherwise. This, in turn, fosters deeper relationships among employees, allowing for more cohesiveness and camaraderie among staff. The power of networking has proven to remain paramount, and networking events and mixers are more relevant than ever in today’s business world. Although virtual business is convenient and important in many sectors, the effectiveness of face-to-face interaction cannot be overlooked. As face-to-face meetings and introductions gain more importance in our technologically driven society, networking events are marketing tools that are utilized by all industries. As experts in the face-to-face arena, Mantraa Media & Events knows exactly how to create and capitalize on the networking opportunities that you can offer at your events. Our meeting planners will coordinate, plan and execute your networking event so you can focus on the important part – networking!

    Special Event Planning Services

    Special Events are significant occasions - an opportunity for guests to fellowship, recognize an achievement, celebrate a milestone and create lasting impressions. We design and coordinate your special events from start to finish, leaving your guests with a unique and memorable experience. Our meeting planners will bring your vision to fruition with style and class, whether it is an internal corporate party or a public event.

    Corporate Causes

    Contributing to the community is a vital component for people from all industries and walks of life. When there is a good cause behind it, there are many different ways to raise money through an event, and our event management team is very knowledgeable on the different profit streams that can be utilized in order for your charity or fundraising event to earn its fullest potential. We understand not only the importance of community involvement, but also the significance of creating an ambiance and sensation that instills this in the attendees. Mantraa Media & Events has the capability to reflect each cause in its own light and to create the unparalleled feeling of what it is to give back.

    Awards Dinner

    When it’s time to reward top performers in your organization or company, only the best will suffice! Our meeting planners will see to it that your awards dinner possesses the best of the best, all while adhering to your budget. We’ll handle all of the big elements such as site selection, entertainment, catering, program design and equipment rental. And we’ll make sure not to miss the little things like gift bags, center pieces and signage.


    No matter what the occasion, Mantraa Media & Events knows elegance! For your next black-tie affair, we will handle everything from site selection to security to VIP handling to décor. We will coordinate the guest list, manage invitations and program design, help you to choose the perfect caterer, book the photographer and even handle press releases. We will turn your gala into the affair of the year! Mantraa Media & Events ™ specializes in providing a unique web based event management solution for your next gala event fundraiser to help simplify the complex and often tedious task associated with checking guests in and out and all logistics in between. The Total Event Auction Management (TEAM) solution offers online event tickets sales, online auction services, guest registration, silent and live auction clerking, invoicing, reporting tools and more.

  • Exhibitions & Tradeshows

    M anaging trade shows is both an art and a science – and doing it effectively and professionally is a rare and valuable set of skills. Mantraa Media & Events is a leading expert in trade show and exhibition management, thanks to our years of experience in handling some of the largest and most important trade shows in the North-East India. From North to East the local office is well-equipped to organize and execute a world-class trade show for your organization or company.

    Trade Show Services

    Mantraa Media & Events can help you plan and promote your event starting years in advance, or we can ride to the rescue at the last minute if your plans go awry. Our world-class trade show staff can be there from setup to tear down and handle every aspect of the event including:

    Preferred Vendor Pricing

    As a reputed company, we maintain access to exclusive vendor pricing that our competition simply doesn’t have access to. Not only will we be able to obtain the best prices, we will also negotiate your vendor contracts for you, saving you the time, money and energy!

    Vendor-taught Workshops

    The primary reason that vendors and suppliers attend trade shows is to be able to network and cultivate relationships with the attendees. The one-on-one, face-to-face time that exhibitors have the opportunity to spend with potential clients is invaluable. Vendor-taught workshops are the perfect instrument for this and a favourite activity of participating exhibitors.


    Sponsorships are a great way to get your professional suppliers and partners involved in your event. We will help you find sponsors, create sponsorship packages and ensure that your sponsors are satisfied with their contribution to your event.


    Registration can be one of the most time consuming and complicated parts of planning a large trade show or convention. With our registration programs, we will take that headache away from you and make sure that your guests are signed up and ready for action!

    Budget Creation/Management

    One of the most crucial aspects of your trade show is your budget. Without the right knowledge and tools, managing your event budget could prove costly and problematic. Let our meeting and event planners take the weight off of your shoulders and help you to create the perfect event for you, all while keeping your budget intact! Developing a successful trade show is an investment in the future that can transform your organization into a leader in your sector, propelling you into the heights of your industry. Make the investment pay off by ensuring a skilled, professional management team is guiding this mission-critical event on your behalf. Mantraa Media & Events is the world leader in event planning and trade show management –put our expertise and reputation to work for you.